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Being Absolutely Agile

Sellegi ACT – Agile Collaboration Tool is the only tool to scale agile development from Product Management perspective. Sellegi ACT seamlessly integrates in your IT infrastructure.

With Sellegi ACT you put everyone’s focus on customer needs, priorities, business value and release date.

Sellegi ACT in action

Scaling Agile?

  • Know the status, plans and progress of  any team – regardless of location and their own team planning tools
  • Control your dependencies and risks and manage them in a productive way
  • Get instant impact propagation, find the parallel development opportunities
  • Scale your agile efforts instantly and adjust plans accordingly by knowing risks on time to time.
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Support for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Agile. Built to Scale

Sellegi ACT is built for scaling agile. You can run a program according to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) out of the box without any configuration changes. It is built with ease of use and usage on tablet devices as its main design goals. This results in an extremely light interface without clutter.

Our customers tell us that they have not seen such a friendly environment for scaling agile before – try it out and see if you agree!

Sellegi ACT


Sellegi ACT scales accross different team, different programs, different Agile Release Trains and different locations. Sellegi ACT is build on high-performant middleware and will be able tointegrate information from a multitude of sources


Sellegi ACT Simplifies your daily life. It constantly uses pro-active rule-based checks against your plans from roadmap, release, integration and the teams development plans to highlight inconsistencies and risks. With Sellegi ACT you focus on problems and opportunities instead of trying to find or re-act to them.


Sellegi ACT focuses everyone on the next release and its contents. Changes in plans are immediately communicated to all involved parties and checked against roadmap consistency.


Sellegi ACT identifies optimization opportunities to help you realize the full potential of your organization

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Scaling Agile

Prioritization while backlog grooming

Priorities are not static in the agile world. Priorities change as you and your customers learn more during development. Sellegi ACT offers light weight prioritization support that fully includes Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) prioritization as advocated by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). With Sellegi ACT you can prioritize regularly and easily find conflicts between priorities and the technical planning.

Make prioritization part of your daily business.

Sellegi ACT for Prioritization will be our new, free, web-product! Very soon we will start our limited public beta where we will admit a few new users per day. Register now for our unique and simple approach to Agile Prioritization and get your invite as soon as possible.

Prioritize wherever you are

Quick introduction to agile prioritization and Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)

Erik Schumann held a lightning talk on Weighted Shortest Job First prioritization at a Lean Tribe gathering in Stockholm. This kind of prioritization is recommended in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and was introduced by Don Reinertsen in “The Principles of Product Development Flow”.

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Get instant overview over your agile activities.

See how features are progressing and where you have hidden risks!

Make prioritization part of your daily business.

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About Sellegi

Sellegi – Making complex projects simple!

Our vision is to help customers succeed in agile transformation going beyond the development teams.

Sellegi was founded in 2003 based on the idea that a generic tool will not solve the customer´s problem. Finding the right match between the customer´s unique processes and supporting tool capabilities is essential. Simplicity is key!

Sellegi has during ten years helped major companies to analyze and consolidate their development tool environments.


In 2010 Sellegi became a proud business partner of IBM Rational, the world leading provider of software development tools. During the fall 2013 our CTO became part of the IBM DevOps community leadership team (formerly Agile transformation community).

Sellegi is a Scaled Agile Partner. As of November 2013, Sellegi has the first Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC) publicly listed in Sweden

SAFe Partner

IBM Business Partner

Our head office is located in Malmö, Sweden.

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